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Chart Recorders

Chart recorders are used to record measurements of various physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow rate, and voltage over time. They use a pen or stylus to mark measurements on a paper chart that moves beneath it at a constant rate. The paper chart recorders provide a continuous record of the measurement data, which can be used for later analysis.

A world leader in circular chart recorders, commonly used in applications where long-term monitoring is required. Rototherm has become the standard for accurate, reliable measurement across numerous industries. 

Our robust proven recorders are designed for flexibility, with interchangeable pressure & temperature systems, that can be implemented simply & quickly, allowing you with a recorder that can satisfy numerous range requirements. At the same time, we have worked with our users to design the recorder to be calibrated quickly, maximizing your productivity.

Digital Chart Recorders & Mechanical Chart Recorders

Mechanical chart recorders use a mechanical mechanism to move a pen across a paper chart to record measurements of a physical parameter. Electronic chart recorders use digital sensors to measure physical parameters and store the data electronically, offering higher accuracy, faster recording speeds, and more extensive data storage capabilities. They also require less maintenance than mechanical chart recorders.

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