Liquid Concentration Sensor & Transmitter

Product code: DensiCheck TX
General Application

DensiCheck TX monitors liquid concentration and density in a wide variety of applications, from dosing control to ABV / alcohol monitoring.

Working Principle

DensiCheck TX uses the established principal that sound velocity in a liquid is related to its concentration. Ultrasound pulses are transmitted through the liquid and reflected to their source. The time of transmission is measured using advanced high speed electronics, and the variation is converted by the on-board microprocessor to a signal representing the liquid concentration.

Temperature is automatically compensated for by an integral sensor, and the resulting value is transmitted via an analogue or digital signal to a suitable display or host controller.

Main Applications

- Concentration Monitoring in the Beverage Industry: The Canongate DensiCheck can be used to measure the Alcohol, Plato or SG concentrations in bright beer. The DensiCheck can also be used to measure the concentration of cold, hot and boiling wort in the brewhouse.

For blending applications where a higher degree of accuracy is required in the concentration measurement, a signal from a densitomer may be combined with the DensiCheck measurement to achieve this.

- In-line Liquid Concentration & Density Transmitter for the Chemical Industry: Our DensiCheck TX in-line liquid concentration system is by far the most accurate and recognised system in the chemical industry.

  • Economic measurement of liquid concentration and density through use of ultrasound technology
  • Available as non-invasive and invasive formats
  • ATEX hazardous area approved
  • Zero drift and no re-calibration
  • No moving parts
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Improved quality monitoring
  • High accuracy and repeatability