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The Preferred Choice for Pressure Testing. Period.

Rototherm mechanical chart recorders have been used across the world for over 30 years. Although many applications have switched to electronic recording, there are a few applications that still heavily rely on the use of mechanical recorders. One of these is hydrostatic pressure testing.

We haven’t sat back over the years, but have continuously listened to feedback from our users to improve the design and functionality of our recorders year-on-year. That’s why you’ll find our recorders the world over, ensuring that you have trusted, reliable results for key pressure tests.

  • Fast delivery - no problem, our modular, lean design, enables recorders to be assembled fast. Pick from our standard range and that means next day.
  • Ease of calibration - simple, easy to use mechanism, ensures that recorders can be calibrated in minutes, not hours, and with relatively little knowledge needed.
  • Change of pressure - want to measure different pressures without having to hold a huge stock of recorders, no problem, our easy pressure change system means that you can do just that within minutes.
  • Withstand the harshest of environments and a good beating - no problem, we know our recorders need to take a bit of a kicking sometimes, and be able to survive in the desert heats, to wind swept offshore platforms, to harsh winter days. All whilst keeping the reliability of our results.
  • Spares - all designed to be easily and simply replaced.

We want people to love using our recorders, that's why we always welcome feedback to improve. In fact we actively seek it. That's why we find our customers coming back year-after-year and Rototherm is the choice for mechanical recorder pressure testing. Period.