Offshore Solutions – Multi-stage Restriction Orifice Assemblies

Rototherm is a world leader in the design of pressure drop systems for offshore platforms. Commonly known as multi-stage orifice assemblies, they are increasingly being used for blow-down particularly on offshore platforms.

Rototherm has become a world leader in this niche area, which requires great amount of technical understanding and experience within blow down applications to ensure the “right” solution is designed and manufactured to meet the process needs.

Typically multi-stages are referred to as a “black-art” as few engineers understand where best to use them. For blow down applications, either single piece orifice plates or control valves have been traditionally used which both have their limitations.

Orifice plates are limited to lower pressure drops, and suffer from excessive noise and possibly vibration on higher pressure drops. Multi-stage designs allow a simple structure to be kept, with no moving parts, whilst ensuring higher pressure drops to be achieved. This also reduces the risk of cavitation or high turbulent flow which can significantly reduce the operating life of single orifice plates.

Compared to control valves, they are also significantly lower cost, have longer operational life due to no moving parts, and can be installed at any angle.

A multi-hole design can be used to reduce noise levels and ensure requirements are met.

With significant experience in designing and manufacturing multi-stages for offshore platforms, we have seen pitfalls of poor designs and lack of understanding of process and application. This can lead to costly shutdowns (sometimes unexpectedly) and hence are now a trusted approved supplier for many of the world’s leading oil & gas production companies as all of our designs are still in operation in the field.

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