New Video! Measure LPG Levels Remotely and Without Any Hassle

New Video! Measure LPG Levels Remotely and Without Any Hassle
14 February 2017

Our VesselCheck uses the latest ultrasonic non-invasive technology to measure LPG levels in all types of tanks.

Watch our #New #Video showing our #ultrasonic #non-invasive #technology #VesselCheck to measure #LPG level in tanks. Youtube Video here

Product Overview:
A small ultrasonic sensor is bonded to the outside base of the vessel. Signals from the sensor are fed into the processor, displayed beside the tank and/or output to a separate system.

Key Features & Benefits:
- Truly non-invasive
- Bonds to outside tank shell
- Ambient temp. compensated
- Approved for hazardous areas (flameproof Exd)
- No tank break-in
- Not affected by pressure
- No moving parts
- Low cost

When combined with a good telemetry system and user interface, the benefits are huge:
- Stock value management: Accurately knowing how much gas you have, and what it’s worth (within 1% vs. 10% of float style gauges)
- Logistical benefits: Make sure a station will never run dry, and optimise delivery routes/methods, from your office
- Anti-theft: Alarms can be configured for unexpected drops in level
- Fire & Spillage Detection System: In combination with our HNL range of switches, it can act a a Health & Safety feature

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