Flow Week @ Rototherm Group

Flow Week @ Rototherm Group
9 December 2016

This week was ''FLOW WEEK'' at ROTOTHERM- Our flow operators and welders have been very busy finishing some of the largest FLOW PROJECTS won in 2016 for MULTI-STAGE ORIFICE PLATES. Above, we show you a few examples of our latest FLOW MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS.

FLOW WEEK #1 - These Multi-Stage Restriction Orifice Plates (MSROs) are coated with our specialist painting to ensure they withstand the harsh environment of offshore Norway.

FLOW WEEK #2 - Smaller Multi-Stage Restriction Orifice Plates (MSROs) now ready to be shipped to one of the biggest refineries in Iraq. These Multi-Stage Pressure Reducers have 5 stages and include our "Flow Indicator Tag" pointing the direction of Flow.

FLOW WEEK #3 - A Water Treatment Plant in Oman contacted us a few months ago requiring expert advise to replace a previously installed Multi-Bore Orifice Plate that was failing due to cavitation issues in one of their key water lines. Our engineering team designed a customised flow solution to manage their pressure restriction. Our solution: a Multi-Stage Restriction Orifice Plate with 4 stages (14" Line Size PN10 in Super Duplex).

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