Refrigerant Level Measurement - European Emission Compliant

Refrigerant Level Measurement - European Emission Compliant
18 April 2014

With growing consciousness of businesses environmental strategy to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions businesses are continuously exploring methods and technologies to assist in achieving this goal.

Rototherm Canongate Technology non invasive Refrigerant ST1-RH Vesselcheck system assists in business achieving this goal as well as providing compliance to new European regulation coming into play in 2015.

Canongate VesselCheck ST1-RH was specifically designed as a low cost solution for measuring refrigerant. Using ultrasound the system is able to measure the level of refrigerant, whilst the sensor is place on the outside of the tank. The ST1-RH is highly reliable, accurate, requires no re-calibration, no drift, no moving parts and is not effected by pressure fluctuations making the product well suited to this type of application. The ST1-RH is an easy external fitting to the receiver resulting in no down time lost during the installation process.

The system is being used by some major supermarket chains within the UK.

The benefits of the system are clear, with trials showing the numerous benefits of real time monitoring assisting in the reduction of energy costs. Monitoring of refrigerant pack levels is valuable specifically as when optimally charged the packs themselves draw reduced energy, in addition real time monitoring also ensures and alerts if the receivers are over / under filled which results in high pressure / low pressure problems which can result in leakage hence enhancing energy usage.

Results have shown that with the vesselcheck system in place enabling effective monitoring this has resulted in 10%+ energy reduction which when translated across multiple sites becomes considerable.

Rototherm Group Director Tarkan Conger commented "Our Vesselcheck ST1-RH product is ideally suited to the measurement of refrigerant in tanks, and being substantially cheaper than other technologies such as radar, is price attractive and a cost effective solution for multiple site roll out ensuring customer payback for the investment is highly efficient."

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