R&D Collaboration with Heriot Watt University

5 June 2015

The Rototherm Group is pleased to announce a collaboration project with the International Centre for Brewing & Distilling (ICBD) at Heriot Watt University. ICBD is a leading research and testing centre in the field of Brewing and Distilling.
Collaboration projects with leading academic institutions build upon Rototherm Group’s vision and culture of innovation and development. The project is expected to result in a new product offering for the Beverage segment to be launched following the conclusion of the project.
Rototherm Groups has a wealth of experience and a particularly strong heritage within the Beverage space with the division Canongate Technology being a direct spin out of Scottish and Newcastle Breweries. Group measurement product offering to the Beverage sector includes, Ultrasonic Non invasive level and spotlevel, Ultrasonic Liquid Concentration, Optical Dissolved Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Mechanical and Digital Recorders as well as specialist adapted Temperature probes and Switches.

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