Level & Density Measurement

Our unique non-invasive ultrasonic technology has been developed and built upon over the last 35 years, and is proven throughout the world across a vast number of installations

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  • Ultrasonic technology with wide ranging and unique applications for several industries
  • Heritage deeply rooted in the brewing and distilling industry, with an illustrious reputation across the
  • Scotch Distilleries market
  • The world’s only 100% non-invasive liquid level measurement:
    • Zero modifications to your vessels
    • No downtime for installation and commissioning

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  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Beverage
  • Transport


  • CO2 control/monitoring in beer & sparkling wine
  • Alcohol strength measurement
  • Beer, water, spirit vat level measurement
  • Chemical treatment process automation
  • Acid bath strength, level and batching
  • Chemical manufacture/production
  • Fuel storage tank level measurement (LPG, gasoline, diesel, kerosene...)
  • Liquid level/interface detection in oil processing
  • Truck cargo monitoring
  • Offloading fuel identification systems
  • Fuel tank theft prevention